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While my days are filled with PHP coding over at Message, I’ve been escaping in the evenings into the world of Middle Earth.

I picked up the extended edition of The Two Towers last week. Jessica and I have been trawling through the documentaries and listening to the many audio commentaries. Mostly we’ve been enjoying those scenes that were cut from the theatrical release.

With forty three minutes of extra scenes, they’re a bit hit and miss. On the whole though, they really add to the enjoyment of the film. An added Gollum scene together with a Faramir flashback are worth the price of the extended edition alone.

The Faramir flashback in particular truly adds to the story. In retrospect, it seems criminal that it wasn’t included in the theatrical release. As a pretty big Tolkien fan I was none too pleased with how Faramir’s character was handled in the Two Towers movie. With the added scene on the DVD however, all is forgiven. It’s like watching a three dimensional figure emerge where previously all had been flat.

I still have many more commentaries to wade through. I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience of immersing myself into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson. It all adds to the excitement in the build-up to the release of Return Of The King.

If that wasn’t enough, Jessica and I are planning to check this out next week.

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